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In the midst of rapidly depleting energy resources, increasing global warming and fuel price concerns in the world, it is vital that energy is consumed more efficiently and pollutant is also significantly reduced. Incomplete fuel combustion results in high fuel expenditure and increasing pollution level.

We are committed to address the energy consumption issue and help save the earth by embracing technology in designing GoGreen Hydrogen On Demand System. With this system, we can guarantee you more than 30% fuel saving with cleaner engine and environment.

In the year 2013, GoGreen WorldWide Energy Pte Ltd (201303256C) was officially incorporated in Singapore together with GoGreen Worldwide Energy Sdn Bhd (1035277-T) in Malaysia. GoGreen Worldwide Energy has carried out intensive research and development of Hydrogen In-Demand Generation technology and solutions for more than one year prior company incorporation. Our products and solutions are designed with the priority to help preserve the environment, reduce fuel expenditure while achieving high system performance.

GoGreen Worldwide Energy has partnered with reputable logistic companies and had successfully piloted the GoGreen Hydrogen On-Demand System with exceptional result. Our company is strategically focused in constant researches and innovations to enable our guarantee on the performance of our energy saving innovative solutions to our valuable clients. The company continue to focus in providing energy saving solutions in the logistics and transportation sector.  Through international partnership with well established organisations, we now  also offer ECO Tuning, Performance Tuning as well as Vehicle Diagnostic services and solutions for commercial vehicles.

Mission Statement

Be the world leader in providing the environmental friendly and energy saving products using hydrogen as one of the energy sources in the logistics and transportation industries.


To help make our planet a more pleasant place by reducing the energy consumption and cost as well as the emission of pollutant to the environment.

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