The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the activities of the company. The Board comprises two executive directors, who have extensive experience and provide both local and global management perspectives in business issues together with one non-executive director.


Mr Loo Sin Lee (Zomba)

Director Loo Sin Lee

Mr Loo Sin Lee, a Chartered Electronic Engineer, also a former tertiary lecturer in Electronic & Computer Engineering, has more than 20 years of experience in the area of electronic productions including development, testing, production line and quality control in energy saving technology. He had managed various contracting and customized turnkey projects including design, installation, testing and commissioning of various industrial products and control systems for many multinational and local companies.

He was one of the key founders of Ideas Engineering Pte Ltd and is the pioneer in the energy saving lighting industry. Mr Loo was instrumental in the research and development as well as manufacturing of the Electronic ballasts for the energy saving lighting. The products that he designed received many certifications from various authorities such as PSB, NEMKO, SIRIM, VDE, SEV, UL and etc, for use and sales around the world. The company was acquired by a main board public listed company in Singapore for its technology and the expertise. The holding company was subsequently incorporated and listed in the Stock Exchange of Singapore. Mr Loo Sin Lee continues to carry out various researches and designs innovative solutions to serve various industries especially in energy saving related technologies.


Ms Pearly Cheng Ai Ling (Cidiwaha)

Director Cheng Ai Ling

Ms Pearly Cheng Ai Ling (Cidiwaha), MSc in Information Security, has 20 years of management experience that includes information security management, management consulting, IT audits and software development. She had held various senior positions in top auditing and consulting firm in financial and telecommunication sectors.

Prior establishing GoGreen Worldwide Energy, Ms Cheng was the Vice President, Asia Pacific regional information risk management lead for JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A covering thirteen Asia Pacific countries for the Investment Banking arm for 10 years. She also held Asia Pacific regional lead position for business continuity management for the investment bank during her tenure. Ms Cheng has extensive experience in management consulting and had managed a team of consultants with a portfolio of multi-million US dollars projects. During her initial career, Ms Cheng had designed and developed various solutions for turnkey projects including barcoding and point-of-sales solutions which were then a cutting edge technology in this region.


Ms Mak Ca Ling

Ms Mak Ca Ling

Ms Mak Ca Ling, non-executive director, currently pursuing professional accountancy in ACCA whilst providing consultancy for any company setup and government related matters in Malaysia. She is also an executive director for a trading company in Malaysia as well as a non-executive director for a few other companies in the trading industries.