The Engine Control Unit, or ECU, in your vehicle is what monitors the different components of your engine and alerts you when something is malfunctioning or faulty. If your ECU, is faulty, it may alert you that something is wrong with your engine when it isn’t, and can cause a whole host of problems for your engine.

The engineers at GoGreen take your faulty ECUs and perform diagnostic tests and repair them accordingly.

To learn more about this process, read the frequently asked ECU repair questions below.



What are major problems caused by ECU?

If you notice any of these signs, your ECU may be faulty:

  • Big drop in fuel economy
  • Engine stalls or misfires
  • Vehicle won’t start
  • Vehicle is slow to start
  • Rough, high or erratic idle
  • Fuel injector error


What are some common causes of ECU issues?

ECU issues can be caused by:

  • Water moistures clogging
  • Improper ECU ground
  • Blown fuse
  • Overheated ECU
  • Faulty starter
  • Faulty injector
  • Faulty battery cells


My ECU is faulty. What should i do next?

If your ECU has one of the above listed malfunctions, simply remove it and send it to GoGreen. Our technicians know the hard and soft codes required to repair your ECU and restore it to better than new condition.

We believe in speedy, reliable service. As soon as we receive your faulty part, our engineers repair it, test it and have it back in the mail.

To have your ECU repaired, please fill in the contact form, email us at or call our Hotline at (+6)07 562 7737.