Engine Control Unit (ECU)

A vehicle’s engine control unit, or ECU, is like the brain; it manages many different engine components and alerts the driver if something is functioning incorrectly. When the ECU is defective, the engine stops running normally and starts having issues with starting, stalling, and shifting. Although ECU problems come in many forms, GoGreen is here to help. Our trained staff has experience finding innovative solutions to fix your ECU problems that don’t break the bank.

Having a drivability problem?  Does your vehicle shut off while driving?  Is your check engine light on?  Have you replaced components in the vehicle, but the codes still won’t clear.  A defective engine control module can cause these and many other problems in your vehicle.  At GoGreen we are not in the business of ripping people off.  That is not what we do.  We will not charge you for a service that you do not need or when we were unable to fix.  We will do our best to assist our customers in any way possible.



Repairs & Testing

At GoGreen we carry out Engine Control Unit repairs as a regular daily task. An ECU repair can be performed at a fraction of the main dealer cost. We have the experience and qualified vehicle electronic specialists to repair Volvo heavy commercial ECUs professionally including diagnostic and ECU bench tests.

ECU Repairs

We repairs your vehicles Engine control Unit without the cost of a replacement ECU. Our ECU specialists can carry out an ECU bench test and diagnose the problem with a view to repair your control unit.


ECU Testing

A lot of ECU repairs come to us directly from customers and many vehicle workshops that are unsure of the exact problem with the ECU and were unable to resolve the respective diagnostic trouble codes. We always carry out a full ECU diagnostic upon receipt of ECU for repair. This ECU diagnostic test is carried out on the unit itself in order to pinpoint the exact break down and ECU repair procedure required. We carry out multiple testing for intermittent driving faults such as fuel injector problems, none starting or brief cutting out problems and resolve them accordingly.



GoGreen specializes in repairing Heavy Commercial ECUs for Volvo and in particular for FL10, FM10, FH12, FM12, FH13, FM13, FH16 series. Extensive effort to specialize in other brands are also underway.
Please feel free to contact us for more details.