Companies that want to safeguard uptime and reduce operating costs are advised to send their commercial vehicles for comprehensive diagnosis on a scheduled basis so as to avoid unexpected breakdowns and minimize repair or restoration costs. Early detection of vehicular issues in your fleet will prolong the life cycle of the vehicle, reduce environmental impacts, and goes a long way in ensuring the safety of the driver too.

GoGreen Diagnostic Maintenance Subscription is the ideal way to ensure maximum uptime with minimum costs – and peace of mind for commercial fleet operators and owners. We provide this service for commercial vehicles including trucks, trailers, buses, light commercial vehicles and off-highway. Rest assured that your fleet of vehicles that are equipped with sophisticated engine management systems known as Electronic Control Unit (ECU) are optimally diagnose with our latest state of the art diagnostic tool by our engineers. There is no upfront specialise diagnostic tools investment required and we help resolve the challenge that most fleet operators face today to upskill your existing mechanics and workshop team to address the modern automotive technology challenge which can be difficult as the learning curve is steep for many.

The ECU reads and stores the fault codes from your vehicle and up until now, this information has only been accessible by mechanics with the specialised tool. Partnering with us as part of your company’s overall maintenance service plan, full vehicle analysis and diagnosis of your fleet of vehicle could be performed as per our agreed schedule either on-site at your premise or at our office. Our in-depth scan of individual vehicle systems for more detailed reporting on engine fault codes will be carried out so as to evaluate the current state and efficiency of the vehicles. In addition, resetting of existing fault codes as well as service interval reset will also be performed.

You simply pay a one-off payment up front for our annual or bi-annual diagnostic service. This means you know the maintenance costs throughout the contract, it simplifies your budgeting and enables you to price your customer transport assignments with confidence. And because you always deal with our diagnosis team, we will build a thorough knowledge of your vehicles and their diagnostic results and history, for efficient and accurate trouble shooting and identification if a problem crops up. At the same time, your workshop team can also take the opportunity to familiarise with the diagnosis process and reporting for those vehicles equipped with ECUs with our partnership.


Instead of the traditional approach of “just fix it” when the vehicle breakdown, there is a need to progress steadily towards a more holistic preventive maintenance approach in today’s data-driven solutions. The main value of engaging GoGreen Diagnostic service as a predictive maintenance measures remains to allow convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance and to prevent unexpected vehicle failures by analysing the data logged and stored in the vehicle’s ECU as they occurred. The ECU monitors the sensors for variances that are outside of their normal operating parameters. When an inactive fault code become active or severe, then a dash-mounted malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) is turned on to warn the driver about system malfunctions. However, with proactive diagnosis, these issues could be pre-identified before the fault code becomes severe.

  • Cost Effectivenessoffers cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance for your fleet of vehicles.
  • Improve vehicles’ guaranteed up-time – by reducing the occurrence of “unplanned stops” by transforming to shorter and fewer planned stops for maintenance and repair.
  • Increase productivity – vehicles and respective owners have benefited from the ability to transport more goods more efficiently to consumers and businesses.
  • Effective troubleshooting significant reduction of the time taken to troubleshoot the root cause for any vehicle issue.
  • Improve resource planning with the information acquired through the vehicle diagnosis, it enable better planning for spare parts and people resources for maintenance.
  • Bridge skill gapClose and reduce the skill gap from existing mechanic and workshop team without compromising the company’s ability to manage modern fleet of vehicles effectively.



A comprehensive report outlining all the identified fault codes, identification of parts that are worn out and due to be changed, as well as highlighting the most complex of issues and repairs which needs to be carried out will be provided. This report will enable your workshop team and mechanics to carry out the necessary repair and maintenance work with all the relevant issues identified and repairs required. If you need any special assistance for repair, you may contact us for advice and recommendations.