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GoGreen Worldwide Energy is the official authorized distributor in Singapore and Malaysia for Jaltest Multibrand diagnostic solution. We also provide diagnostic services for our fleet customers as well. Jaltest multibrand diagnosis is the leading multibrand diagnosis tool for commercial vehicles on the market. It allows multibrand and multisystem diagnosis on trucks, trailers, light commercial vehicles, tractors, road sweepers or military vehicles, among others and agricultural vehicles.



What Is Jaltest Diagnosis Tool for Commercial Vehicle?

The Jaltest diagnosis tool is a market leader to perform diagnosis for commercial vehicles, i.e., trucks, trailer, light commercial vehicle (LCV), off-high, agricultural (AGV). It is a multibrand and multisystem diagnostics with a wide coverage on the different electronic systems installed on Commercial Vehicles.


How It Works?

Jaltest Link is the Communication Interface, along with Jaltest Soft, connects your PC to the electronic control units installed on the vehicles.


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Jaltest Link could be connected Jaltest Soft in your PC either by
  • Bluetooth
  • USB

Jaltest Link is connected to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) by using connectors, there are different types of cables in the Jaltest tool kit to use in various types of vehicle and engine.

Jaltest diagnosis can perform diagnosis on your vehicle in a fast and easy way.
It allows:
  • Analysis and repair of diagnosis errors
  • Consultation of Technical Information
  • Visualizing of wiring diagrams


And these are the main features :
  • Diagnosis
  • Activations
  • Components tests
  • ECU data
  • Systems identification
  • Systems configuration
  • Measuring
  • Reprogramming