Jaltest Marine is the latest Multibrand Diagnostics Solution for the marine industry. This new product is aimed at performing diagnostics and maintenance procedures on Jet Skis, Outboard and Inboard engines.

Just like with the rest of Jaltest diagnostic solution, Jaltest Marine provides marine workshops and shipyards with the experience and technical assistance required to perform diagnostic and maintenance professionally and efficiently.


Icono-BarcoDiagnostics, services and technical data in just one tool.

Jaltest Marine comprises, in just one tool, advanced diagnostics, service maintenance and technical data for boats, skiffs, yachts or Jet Skis:

  • Reading and clearing of errors.
  • System technical data.
  • Wiring diagrams.
  • Engine technical data.
  • Service and maintenance data.
  • Troubleshooting Guides. Troubleshooting step by step.
  • Technical releases.

Additional advanced diagnosis functions are:

  • Calibrations in engine, brakes, suspension, trim.
  • Parameter settings.
  • Programming of keys for jet skis.

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